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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What is Herbalism?

When you think of herbalism, what comes to mind? Odd looking eccentrics boiling up unidentifiable plants to create pills, powders and unguents?  Scholarly serious people with large dusty tomes peering short sightedly at a leaf?  Hags with warty noses cackling while they pound down some herbs to make a potion?

Herbalism is about the study and use of herbs and encompasses a wide variety of activities  such as: herbal medicines, using plants to create aromatherapy oils, using plants in decorative craft (think pot pourri and pomanders), botany... herbs are very complex and there are so many different things to study about them!

All sorts of people are interested in herbalism from a variety of occupations, cultures, and countries.
It is a fascinating subject and one I am currently studying in the form of Western Herbal Medicine, as I want to learn more about using plants to heal.

This blog has been created to discuss the things I have learned, to explore different ideas about the 'green' apothecary of nature, to provide DIY to use herbs and other natural ingredients for craft, and to have guest bloggers in to talk about their part in this green apothecary the planet has provided!

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